Patrick Bieleny Explains What Rooms to Redecorate to Sell Your House

Patrick Bieleny from Calgary, Alberta, on What Rooms to Redecorate

When looking for a new home, there are typically two rooms that are consistently the most important to buyers — the kitchen and the master bathroom. Incidentally, these two rooms become focal points for adding the most value to a home before putting it on the market.

Patrick Bieleny, the “house-flipping guru” from Calgary, Alberta, discusses how homeowners can provide moderate alterations and updates to the home with special emphasis on the kitchen and master bathroom.

Research First

Before doing anything, it’s critical for the seller to think about the target buyer as well as the neighbourhood wherein the property rests. If the neighbourhood has a specific style, sellers should take that reality into account since local buyers will enter the home with a certain set of expectations based on the look and feel of other homes nearby.

Overboard and overspending on amenities is unnecessary. Home upgrades should be comparable to the quality of other nearby houses. In other words, don’t create a space that doesn’t fit the neighbourhood and the times. For example, if granite countertops are in fashion, stick with the granite countertops. And if it’s tile, stay with tile.

To maximize profit and resell value, work with what already exists instead of making sweeping overhauls. Whenever possible, make cost-effective and low-labor alterations, such as cosmetic updates. Resurfacing cabinets and adding a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to change the entire look and feel of the home, notes Patrick Bieleny.


Patrick Bieleny from Calgary, Alberta, on Redecorating the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and buyers will spend a lot of time examining the room. A few quick and cost-effective upgrades should be enough to pull the buyers’ heartstrings. Placing fresh flowers on the table or counter can make a space feel warm and inviting.

One can also make more serious updates, such as switching out cabinets and appliances, says Patrick Bieleny. Installing a new faucet is another low-cost way to improve the kitchen look and feel. Any retained appliances should be cleaned to look like new. Sellers should also replace lightbulbs and consider updating lighting fixtures since they can accumulate dust and grime build up from grease, smoke, and other kitchen activities. Lastly, placing clean, new dish towels and removing clutter from all counter tops will make the kitchen look appealing.

Master Bathroom

To capture buyer attention, many sellers perform a makeover to give it a fresh, new look. One should consider dual vanities and soaking tubs since these modern upgrades consistently enthrall potential buyers.

From a redecorating standpoint, place new matching bath towels and mats in their proper place. Ensure that the mirrors are sparkling. Sellers should deep clean their bathrooms, carefully checking around shower cubicles and bathtubs and replacing any moldy sealant. Because smells are a big turn-off for buyers, one should strategically place air fresheners in the bathrooms.

Similar to the kitchen, it’s appropriate to switch out bathroom faucets and sinks and upgrade outdated bathroom lighting fixtures. Sellers should also consider installing a low-flow toilet and shiny new shower head and replacing storage space, cabinet hardware, and towel racks, says Patrick Bieleny.

Overall Look of the Home

After addressing the kitchen and master bath, sellers should walk through the home with an interior decorator to help them identify objects and features that might be off-putting to buyers. Decorations should not showcase any personal details of the previous owners, such as family photos or sentimental objects.




Founder of PB & Co. Houses. Eastern European entrepreneur living in Calgary, Alberta.

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Patrick Bieleny

Patrick Bieleny

Founder of PB & Co. Houses. Eastern European entrepreneur living in Calgary, Alberta.

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