Patrick Bieleny Explains What Decor Trends are Coming for 2021

Interior decorating trends this year reflect a little bit of “the old,” a little bit of “the new,” and a great deal of evidence of a population that has taken to nesting in a way that many have never seen before. Though buyer-seller behavior has changed several times over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, buying and selling haven’t stopped.

Homeowners are taking a closer look around their living spaces. Residents are not only working from home these days, but they are also finding ways to convert their home into a more engaging environment. As one would expect, decor trends in 2021 are as varied as the people that reside within.

Patrick Bieleny is a respected real estate investor and entrepreneur in Calgary, Alberta, with a specialty for flipping houses. He shares the top interior trends to watch as civilization edges closer to a post-pandemic world.

Environmental Sustainability

Patrick Bieleny from Calgary, Alberta, on Upcoming Decor Trends

When it comes to creating a space with environmental sustainability in mind, there are a few different approaches. One tactic is to drastically shrink one’s living space. Those with the mind to do so are investing in tiny homes. Less radical downsizers are looking for lower square footage to achieve a sense of “cozy” and “eco-friendliness,” says Patrick Bieleny.

When it comes to interiors, people are bringing ‘the outside’ inside. By filling the home with plant life, residents purify the air and feel less inclined to venture outdoors for fresh air.

Filling the home with fauna and flora allows decorators to focus on any number of themes. Asian-style homes use bamboo and Japanese maple, while southwestern-style homes fill the space with cacti, succulents, and palms.

Lots of Chic

Chic is another word for “elegant.” Interior decorators love “chic,” because it can mean almost anything so long as they achieve a traditional French air of elegance.

But there are two chic styles that have emerged over the last year — Shabby Chic and Eco Chic.

Shabby chic looks a lot like a Jane Austin novel. Designers use tastefully aged designs, lots of lace, chandeliers, and whites mixed with pinks and browns. One almost feels that they are moving about a 19th century country cottage.

Eco chic is a bit hard to pin down. It often overlaps with the eco-friendly style above or with rustic and earthy. The eco chic style displays hard corners, dark blacks/browns, and stone.

This style is common in homes where the workspace (home office) is the focal point, notes Patrick Bieleny. While not entirely kid-friendly, families are embracing the style anyway.

Warm Ocean Views

Family coastal vacations are less accessible these days. But that hasn’t stopped seaside lovers from bringing the tropical life into the home.

These warm colors and ocean hues let in as much sunlight as possible. Any shade of blue goes, so long as there are accents of pink, yellow, coral, green, and sandy off-white.

Patrick Bieleny from Calgary, Alberta, on Rustic and Earthy Decor

Many designers have taken inspiration from Italy and the Mediterranean coast. A stecco style works well with palm trees and ocean air. In drier climates, this style allows homeowners to open their windows and enjoy hybrid indoor/outdoor living spaces, says Patrick Bieleny.

Rustic and Earthy

Did you grow up in a barn? is no longer an insult — it’s an interior decorator’s dream in 2021, says Patrick Bieleny. Repurposed wood, exposed ceiling beams, and earthy tones are wildly popular these days.

Stone walls, dining benches, and sliding barn doors are also defining today’s rustic interior look.



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