Interior decorating trends this year reflect a little bit of “the old,” a little bit of “the new,” and a great deal of evidence of a population that has taken to nesting in a way that many have never seen before. Though buyer-seller behavior has changed several times over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, buying and selling haven’t stopped.

Homeowners are taking a closer look around their living spaces. Residents are not only working from home these days, but they are also finding ways to convert their home into a more engaging environment. …

Sellers and buyers often grow confused about what it means to remodel versus renovate their home and living space. Unfortunately,these two terms are not interchangeable.

Patrick Bieleny is a respected real estate investor and entrepreneur in Calgary, Alberta, with a specialty for flipping houses. Mr. Bieleny immigrated to Canada from Eastern Europe to attend college and after graduating from the University of Toronto’s business management program, he founded PB & Co, a real estate investment company. Patrick has since flipped hundreds of properties, with houses being his primary property type. …

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Patrick Bieleny from Calgary, Alberta, on What Rooms to Redecorate

When looking for a new home, there are typically two rooms that are consistently the most important to buyers — the kitchen and the master bathroom. Incidentally, these two rooms become focal points for adding the most value to a home before putting it on the market.

Patrick Bieleny, the “house-flipping guru” from Calgary, Alberta, discusses how homeowners can provide moderate alterations and updates to the home with special emphasis on the kitchen and master bathroom.

Research First

Before doing anything, it’s critical for the seller to think about the target buyer as well as the neighbourhood wherein the property…

Working from home has become the new normal for employers and employees, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. For those not used to creating a work space at home, doing so can be tricky.

Patrick Bieleny is a respected real estate investor and entrepreneur in Calgary, Alberta, with a specialty for flipping houses. He explains how to set up a home office for increased productivity.

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Patrick Bieleny from Calgary, Alberta, on How to Set Up a Home Office for Increased Productivity

Home Office Setup

First, identify a workspace, ideally a room located in a quiet part of the home. An ideal office space is noise-free and separate from main living areas.

One’s work area should be comfortable…

When it comes to maintaining your mental health, there’s never been a more important time to ensure healthy habits — and that includes what’s on your dinner plate, says Patrick Bieleny, a real estate investor and mentor based in Calgary, Alberta.

While keeping your mind healthy includes exercise and unplugging once in a while, what you put into your body has a bigger effect on your mental health than what you might think. …

There has been a lot of focus put on physical well-being regarding the pandemic, as it has potentially serious respiratory symptoms. However, while there are short-term and possible lasting physical effects from COVID-19, you shouldn’t ignore keeping your mental health in check during these times, says Patrick Bieleny, a real estate investor and mentor in Calgary, Alberta.

The worry and stress of the pandemic can weigh heavily on the mind and you need to make a conscious effort to check in with yourself and loved ones. …

When you hear about the health benefits associated with positive thinking-a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, infection, and respiratory disease, including improved mood, emotional regulation, and overall quality of life-it might seem like the obvious choice.

However, as Patrick Bieleny has learned, positive thinking isn’t as easy as it sounds. As the Founder of PB & Co. Houses, Patrick Bieleny associates his success with maintaining a positive mindset. From building connections with clients to finding opportunities in every problem, Patrick Bieleny has a few tricks that he uses to remain optimistic. …

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Mental health treatment facilities are often stereotyped as desolate, sterile, and harsh. The walls are white, the lighting is bright, and there are no paintings on the wall. However, as research is finding, the design of a space can have a measurable impact on your well-being and mental health-both in public facilities and at home, which has prompted several research studies into how design can impact mood. As a real estate investor, Patrick Bieleny, the Founder of PB & Co. Houses, has extensive experience building environments that make people feel at home. …

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Flipping houses is a great way to profit off the Real Estate market. It is one of the more popular methods and well-known for dramatic transformations as shown on various reality television shows. The idea is to purchase a run-down property under market value, renovate or flip it to make it more valuable and attractive to buyers, then sell it for a profit. This is one of four ways to make money in the real estate industry and Patrick Bieleny’s personal favourite. …

In real estate, there are many different ways you can invest and turn a profit. For Patrick Bieleny, flipping houses offers the best bang for his buck. Bieleny immigrated to Canada from Eastern Europe for school in 2010 and attended the University of Toronto. He graduated with a degree in business management and moved to Calgary, Alberta. There he established the successful PB & Co. Houses, his very own company specializing in identifying and flipping the best possible properties for the greatest return.

It may sound a lot like your favourite home and garden television series, but the results are…

Patrick Bieleny

Founder of PB & Co. Houses. Eastern European entrepreneur living in Calgary, Alberta.

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